NAPCO   Solves Water Quality Problems

NAPCO  is in the business of solving water quality problems. We don't just sell chemicals, we provide solutions. Since 1986, the NAPCO name has become synonymous with superior products, professional consultation and analysis, and dependable service.

Each individual system is thoroughly evaluated before any treatment program is recommended. Our trained field representatives work closely with you to develop a complete treatment program to achieve your operational and environmental compliance goals while striving to reduce chemical use and lower over-all cost.

After a treatment program has been recommended, our representatives:

  • provide and install chemical storage tanks at no cost to you
  • aid in setting up your system
  • offer training seminars to the operators for proper control procedures
  • provide Safety Meetings
  • test regularly to insure proper feed rates for maximum results

NAPCO is committed to our customers, confident in our solutions and clear about our role within the industry.  We courageously accept the most difficult challenges and conduct our business with unmatched character.  We strive to be the benchmark in the municipal water
treatment industry by which others are judged.

To have your system professionally analyzed by a NAPCO representative, please go to our contact page and fill out a short questionnaire.  A NAPCO representative will contact you to set up an appointment or call 800-929-5976 and request to speak with one of our sales managers.

NAPCO maintains memberships in the following professional associations: